Strong Leadership for Alaska's Future

The Hawkins Family
Daughter Lisa, Scott, and Mrs. Toyoko Hawkins.

Alaskans are tired of seeing their state's economy being run into the ground by liberal bureaucrats and career politicians. Alaska has infinite potential for growth and success, but right now our state is lacking the leadership we need to unleash that potential.


It's time to shake up Juneau, and Scott Hawkins is running for Governor to do just that! Scott is not a career politician or Juneau insider. He is a distinguished and principled businessman with more than 20 years of experience building prosperous businesses and organizations that benefit our state's economy and citizens.


Scott Hawkins is a family man with deep conservative values and real-world experience. We can't afford to gamble with Alaska's future. Alaska needs tried & true reformer in the Governor's Mansion: Alaska needs Scott Hawkins.

This communication was paid for by Alaskans for Scott Hawkins; Ketchikan, Alaska 99901.

I am David Spokely, Chair of Alaskans for Scott Hawkins, and I approve this message. The top contributor to Alaskans for Scott Hawkins is Connect Solutions LLC, Ketchikan AK. This NOTICE TO VOTERS is required by Alaska law. I certify that this ad is not authorized, paid for, or approved by the candidate.

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